This is a game of espionage, based on Greywulf’s excellent Microlite20 system. It’s intended to be quick and dirty, inspired heavily by the also-excellent Spycraft 2.0, but easier to get into and faster playing.

Inspirations range from NOLF to Alias, with a heavy dose of Mission: Impossible. Some A-Team may or may have not crept along for the ride. I also tend to use this as a toolbox system for making other games, such as “Where No Man Has Gone Before” or “Argo”.

Core Rules


PocketMods are pdf’s that, when printed, can be folded into miniature books. They’re pretty neat. I’ve created a couple of Quick Start mods below as player handouts:


  • Argo, a fantasy game set in ancient Greece, using a fairly stripped down version of SpyLite.
  • Cyberpunk. Rules for cybernetic enhancements and humanity costs, with bonus support for everybody’s favorite cyberpunk-with-orcs-and-elves game.
  • Giant Bug Invasion. Mad science, new Talents and giant bugs await in this supplement.
  • Micro-admo of the Microlite20 forums was kind enough to make a SpyLite character sheet. Get it here.
  • TMKT. A riff on the classic comic book and animated series about mutated adolescent martial artists of the tortoise variety.
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before. Star Trek from the era of foam rocks and smooth-headed Klingons.
  • Zombiepocalypse. Zombies and guns, done micro. Includes zombies (of course), “Dials” to tweak your setting (including the ever popular “Fear”), stock NPC’s and more.

Some of my other games (not really SpyLite-based, but not worth making other pages for):

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Feel free to redistribute, use or modify as you see fit as long as you give proper credit to me. If you do anything really cool with it, fire me an email and let me know about it.